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About the company

As a new business unit formed based on the structure of BrightPoint, Ingram Micro Poland is a global wholesale distributor of mobile devices of the world's largest manufacturers.

We are a world leader in services related to the lifecycle of wireless devices. We offer a full range of supply chain and personalisation solutions for manufacturers, retailers and operators in the wireless device industry.

In a world of ever-faster developing technology, we are constantly modernising our activities, technology and infrastructure to provide our clients with innovative solutions and the highest level of service.

A global reach and experience provide us with the perfect conditions to set new performance and flexibility standards for existing and new clients, placing our devices on the podium of the new value system of the mobile industry.

We have created a balanced system in which we choose optimal sales channels for new devices to maximise the chance of success. Although our product range is already extensive, we are constantly acquiring new, interesting devices from innovative manufacturers to satisfy our clients' needs.


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